Jan 2023

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“I’ve been reminding everyone I know that they should lock in a new electricity rate now, before summertime heat drives prices up. Depending on the company, this can be done as much as 90 days in advance. That means you can lock in a pre-summer price with no early termination fee! Electricity prices will be awful this summer. If you don’t believe me, here’s what the PUC has to say:

The Public Utility Commission has shut Breeze Energy down after it learned the company was not meeting mandated financial requirements to remain feasible. If you have a contract with Breeze, you will not lose power, but you have been switched over to the “Provider of Last Resort” (POLR). POLR rates are significantly higher than the Breeze rate you had, and also higher than many other offers currently available. You should

Power companies can advertise what appear to be great rates, but may end up costing you far more than you’d expect if you’re not careful. Most of the rates on powertochoose.org that advertise between 3 and 5 cents are applying credits when you’ve reached specific usage (kWh) levels. If you don’t qualify consistently for those credits, the rates will result in significantly higher costs. The “free nights, etc.” offers charge

All power plants, green or dirty, put their electricity on the same grid. There is no way to separate the electricity once it’s on the grid, and there are no separate wires to your home for clean power. So, we are all using the same mix of clean and dirty power, even those who are paying more for green. That said, those who choose to pay more for green are

Electricity rates are notorious for increasing this time of year!  There’s still time to lock in a great rate before you are stuck with either a horrendous variable rate during the summer months when usage is highest,  or a bad fixed rate for another year!  Don’t let a cheap advertised rate trick you either!  Lantern uses your last 12 months of electricity usage to determine what offer will result in

Summer is coming! Now is the time to lock in a new rate, before summer heat drives electricity prices up!  Homes can lock in a new price as much as 3 months in advance of the contract expiration date and businesses can lock one in as much as 12 months in advance! Businesses that are under contract for another year or more may be eligible for a blend and extend

Lantern Power, is an independent broker of electricity.  We request dozens of quotes for our clients to review.  Our service is free to you as we will be paid a commission by whichever power company you choose. When a broker requests pricing, power companies know that we are shopping multiple providers and that we know where the market is, so the prices they send us are typically 10-20% better than

A lot of people ask me about green energy offers. When you enroll in a green electricity rate, you are subsidizing green energy producers via the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates, making the producers more profitable and more likely to grow their business, meaning more clean energy will be placed on the grid. But you are still using the same electricity generated from a variety of sources as everyone else

Homeowners and apartment dwellers beware when shopping for your next electricity rate!  Currently, there are many short term rates that are advertised at lower than 4 cents per kWh, but you MUST read the fine print!  These look like fantastic rates, but don’t be fooled! If you will be using exactly 1,000 kWh every month, these are great offers!  But if you do not use exactly that amount, they may