Lantern Power, is an independent broker of electricity.  We request dozens of quotes for our clients to review.  Our service is free to you as we will be paid a commission by whichever power company you choose. When a broker requests pricing, power companies know that we are shopping multiple providers and that we know where the market is, so the prices they send us are typically 10-20% better than the prices they give to a business owner.  A new rate can be locked in as much as a year in advance of your current contract’s expiration date.

Electricity rates are impacted by the price of fossil fuels, and you can take advantage of historically low rates even if you are under contract for another year and sometimes longer. If you are ready for a quote, send me one recent bill from your current provider (all pages please).  There is no obligation to use our service, but if you do, there is no direct cost to you

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