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What is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

A renewable energy credit (sometimes referred to as a renewable energy certificate or “greentag”) is a commodity that represents the added value, environmental benefits and cost of renewable energy above conventional methods of producing electricity, such as burning coal and natural gas. RECs help wind farms and other renewable energy facilities grow by making them more financially viable, thereby incentivizing development.

How does the REC system work?

Renewable energy facilities generate renewable energy credits (RECs) when they produce electricity. Purchasing these credits is the widely accepted way to reduce the environmental footprint of your electricity consumption and help fund renewable energy development. Purchasing RECs at the same quantity as your electricity consumption guarantees that the energy you use is added to the power grid from a renewable energy facility and supports the further development of these facilities.

Lantern encourages individuals to consider affordable green power options. Retail Electric Providers purchase wholesale RECs to offset your annual usage. RECs can be resold at unnecessarily, and considerably, higher costs by Retail Electric Providers.  Remember, the producers of clean energy are receiving the wholesale cost only.  Do not pay more for your RECs than is absolutely necessary!

Purchasing green power will help to increase demand for renewables while reducing pollution and promoting our energy independence! Click Here for more information!

How are RECs tracked?

Buying RECs that are tracked and certified by the leading national third-party REC auditing organization, Green-e Energy®, guarantees they are not double-counted.

How Many RECs should I Buy?

RECs are sold in 1,000 kWh units. Divide your annual electric usage by 1,000 and you will know how many RECs you would need to purchase to offset your electricity consumption.

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