All power plants, green or dirty, put their electricity on the same grid. There is no way to separate the electricity once it’s on the grid, and there are no separate wires to your home for clean power. So, we are all using the same mix of clean and dirty power, even those who are paying more for green. That said, those who choose to pay more for green are helping the environment because some of the extra money they are paying goes to the clean power producers via Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). This extra money makes them more profitable, and that encourages more clean power generation. The percentage of clean power on our grid has been steadily increasing, which is good for all of us.

There is a new solar farm being built here in Texas that is promoting a $49.95 per month offer, but that is for the first 475 kWhs only, then a high rate per kWh after that. The fine print shows the same information as I’ve described above. Their clean power is put on the grid and they will receive additional compensation via the RECs your energy provider will purchase with the extra money you pay them. There are other more affordable options if you want to help subsidize clean energy.  Remember, the green power producer receives the same dollar amount (wholesale price) no matter how much the REC has been marked up (retail price).

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